Pointing Lives to Christ

Over the noise of this world, the Word of God speaks. It brings peace to the soul, calm to the spirit and strength to the weak. Here you can find some direction for today that will impact your forever.


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Pastor Dan walks us through Luke 9 : 10 ~ 17 and states "Jesus is the one that satisfies are needs".  


Take homes for the week:

1. When you serve the Lord Jesus, He does not forget to provider for you.

2. Jesus cares for us today and provides for us.

3. We will always need rest and will be hungry but our Spiritual need can be "Satisfied" by Jesus. 

Sent Ones - Luke 9:1-9

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Pastor Dan walks us through Luke 9:1-9 explaining the Power and Authority that Jesus gave the disciples.


Take home items for the week:

1. Gospel presentation brings individuals face to face with Jesus.

2. When we proclaim gospel - do it with power and authority of Jesus.

3. Need to have Compassion with others. 

Healed, in God’s Providence - Luke 8 : 40 ~ 56

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Pastor Dan uses Luke 8 : 40 ~ 56 to give us an insight in the compassion of Christ.

Take Homes for the week.

1.  God will accomplish things in his timing for his glory and not our timing.

2.  Those that are humble and come to the feet of Jesus will have their Faith rewarded.

3.  Jesus is the same compassion Savior today as he was then.

Legion, the Missionary - Luke 8 : 26 - 39

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Pastor walks us through Luke account of Jesus casting demons in Luke 8: 26 - 39.

Four applications to consider:

1. Demons are real and you should not be in fear if you know Jesus.

2. Jesus, Son of God is more powerful.

3. Have you been free from sin in your life.

4. Do the people around you know how much Jesus has done for you.

A Test of Faith - Luke 8:22-25

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Pastor Dan speaks from Luke 8:22-25 about the storms of life and the Dange of Doubt from going through the storms.

4 points for the week:

1.  Good and Loving Jesus will send us into storms for our good and His Glory.

2. It is one thing to know that God's power is Great and another thing to experience it.

3. Walk by Faith - Greatest danger is the doubt from the circumstance and not the circumstance.

4. We can trust the Master of winds and waves.

Hearing The Word of God - Luke 8 : 16 - 21

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Pastor Dan states the importance of "Hearing the Word of God" and what you do with the Word  you head.  

Weekly Scripture:  Romans 15 : 4

How The Gospel is Received - Luke 8:1-15

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Pastor Dan walks us through Luke 8:1-15 and states Luke records for us about the Good News of  The Kingdom of God.

PD then unpacks the parable describing the relationship between soil types and our hearts.

Weekly Application: Now is exactly the right time to spread the seed (The Gospel).

The Great Revealer - Psalm 19

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Pastor Andy walks us through Pslam 19 explaining the 2 ways God reveals himself.

1.  General Revelation

2. Special Revelation

What Are You Saying?

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Denny Allen takes a detailed look at the beginning of the book of Revelation.

Thankfulness In the Shadow of the Cross

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