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Over the noise of this world, the Word of God speaks. It brings peace to the soul, calm to the spirit and strength to the weak. Here you can find some direction for today that will impact your forever.

Average Guys

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When our children are young we tell them they can be anything they want! We often tell them to be the best they can be and we would say you should accel at whatever you do. However, Jesus chose 12 Average Guys to upset the entire world. Think about it: None of these guys were "exceptional", none of them were "top of their class" and certainly none of them would ever sit at an earthly kings table. BUT...Jesus knew better.

God uses the common folk to accomplish the incredible and He does it for His glory.


Join us for 12 Average Guys for Luke 6:12~16

Lord of the Sabbath

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Lord of the Sabbath -- One of the many names and titles of Jesus Christ. join us this morning during an outside service as Pastor speaks to the heart of the Pharisee's and to those who would be the self appointed rule keepers. 


Luke 6:1~11 is our destination in Scripture this morning.

Missionary Nate Beckman

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Missionary Nate Beckman give us details about how God is working in Thailand and his family.  Nate also shares with us from Matthew 9:36 - 10:1.

The Church’s Position

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Pastor Dan breaks from discussing Luke to explain the Church's latest decision.

Things That Are Not The Same Luke 5:33-39

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Pastor Dan discusses the meaning of Jesus's answers to the Pharisees question about Fasting.

Jesus Heals A Leper and A Paralytic

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In verses 12 through 15 Pastor Dan discusses the humble state and faith of the Leper when approaching Jesus and how Jesus responds to the Leper and Jesus's actions.

In verses 17 through 26 Pastor Dan discusses the healing of the paralyzed man and the faith the man and his friends have.

Jesus Calls His Disciples Luke 5:1-11

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Pastor Dan discusses how Jesus is preparing for a catch.

Jesus’s Authority Over Demons & Preaching the Good News

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Pastor Dan discusses how Jesus preaches the Word of God and not about the Word.  He explains how Jesus shows his Authority through his ministry.

Jesus’s Rejection at Nazareth Luke 4: 14-30

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Pastor Andy walks us through Luke 4: 14-30 discussing 3 insights of Jesus's ministry:

continuously led by Holy Spirit

continuously involved in Teaching

continuously rejected by his Own

Jesus’s Temptations - Luke 4:1-13

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Deacon Aaron Jennings walks us through Jesus's temptations from Satan. Aaron stresses how when being tempted in our lives, we need to trust in the Word of the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

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