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Over the noise of this world, the Word of God speaks. It brings peace to the soul, calm to the spirit and strength to the weak. Here you can find some direction for today that will impact your forever.

The Bondservant

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The life of a Bondservant has 3 distinct facets: A Purpose:serve the master. A Pattern: follow the Masters plan. A peace: The peace of God.


Starting in Eph. 2:1, Brother Paul leads us through these 3 short, but life challenging points.


“The Necessary Thing”

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Today's text is Luke 10:38~42 and Brother Denny Allen brings us to the house of Martha and Mary (sisters of Lazarus). A golden opportunity to sit at the feet of the Creator and Sustainer of everything known and even unknow to us. However, Martha chooses to spend her time laboring on the details of the meal and care of her guests: Which is correct? Denny brings us some insights and thoughts on the issue.


Genesis Lesson #11 — “A Tale of Two Brothers”

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This message comes from Genesis 4:1-16

Pastor Dan in his continuation of his Genesis series talked about why God accepted Abel's sacrifice but did not approve of what Cain brought to Him as a sacrifice.    



Genesis Lesson #10 — “The Curse and God’s Grace (Part 2)

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The curse continues through the ages, a judgement of man from God. Today Pastor Dan works through verses 14 through 24 of Genesis 3 and he clearly exposes the recipients of the curse.

3:14 Upon the serpent

3:15 The first promise of a Savior and the proclaimation of the serpents demise. 

3:16 The curse upon women declared and defined.

3:17 - 19 The curse upon man declared and defined.

3:21 The first death as a direct result of sin is recorded -- The horror that must have been for Adam and Eve.

3:22 - 24 The Garden is cleared and sealed, only to be reopened when God decides.


Other verse to consider during this message incclude (but are not limited to):

Isa. 65:17 ~ 25 The Glorious Cunsummation of History

Romans 8:18 ~ 22 "The Promise of Future Glory"


Genesis Lesson #9 — “The Curse and God’s Grace”

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Genesis 3:7 ~ 24 is our target for today. Paradise is lost! Lost in a flash, a single act of disobedience and blame shifting destroys the perfect relationship between the Holy God and man.  Eve blames the serpent, Adam blames his wife and ultimately tries to hang the blame on God: However, God is not to be blamed for the fall of man.

Join us and find out how God intends to cure the sin problem.


Genesis Lesson #8 — “The Fall”

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Genesis 3:1~6 is our base text for today.

A simple command was given, "Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." The serpent was sly and Eve fell to its' deception.  The twisting of God's word is the devils favorite trick, it is as effective now as it was then.


Join us as we explore what God's word says about the event that changed man's relationship to God forever.


Genesis Lesson #7 — “Now the Serpent…”

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"Now the Serpent..." A new creature arrives in the account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He is yet to be named and only referred to here as the serpent. Note that we know this about him: He is crafty and shrewed. His deception of man begins and ends only when God decides to cast him in to hell in Rev. 20:10.

Other verses worthy of referencing while listening to this message:

Ezek. 28:11 ~ 17 Provides us with a great description of Lucifer before the fall (Isa. 14:12 ~ 15): See how God changed this created being from one form to another. From the great beauty to crawling on the ground, opn his belly.

Things to remember when dealing with the devil:

  1. He is not omniscient -- All knowing, he is limited in his knowledge just like alll other created beings.
  2. He is not omnipotent -- All powerful, he has to ask for permission to do anything to one of God's children.
  3. He is not omnipresent -- Everywhere at all times, he can only be in one place at a time.



Genesis Lesson #6 — “Marriage Established”

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God created woman from man. She was created as a helper, an equal, and a complementary figure. Pastor Dan expands upon the gender roles and biblical definition of marriage.


Genesis Lesson #5 — “The Creation of Man”

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Man was intentionally created. The Creator God made us from the dirt, so in a sense we are all dust balls. Join us as we move further in to the book of Genesis.


Genesis Lesson #4 — “The Pattern is Set, Sabbath Rest!”

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Genesis 2:1~3 is the text for today.

REST! Oh the glorious thought of resting! God rested on the 7th day, not that He was tired, but He knew we would need the rest.

The 7th day is unique in that God calls it Holy! No other day is declared to be so, even day six was only "very good." In our world where busyness is the master of the day, learn from teh Scripture and find rest in God. Join us as we continue our adventure through the Book of Beginnings, The Boom Genesis! 


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