Pointing Lives to Christ

Over the noise of this world, the Word of God speaks. It brings peace to the soul, calm to the spirit and strength to the weak. Here you can find some direction for today that will impact your forever.

Prepare the Way - Ministry of John the Baptist - Luke 3:1-22

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Pastor Dan discusses how John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus.

Jesus Youth Luke 2:39-52

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Pastor Dan paints a picture of Jesus's early years from Luke 2:39-52.

Birth of Christ Presentation in the Temple Luke 2:1-38

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Pastor Dan discusses the Birth of Christ and how it relates to our lives right now.

God’s Faithfulness In The Details

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Luke brings us a strong reminder of how God is always faithful. ALWAYS FAITHFUL! ALWAYS...period.


Enjoy and be blessed.

7 Principals to Live By

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Good Morning,

Pastor Dan addressing our graduating seniors bring us 7 principals from Proverbs 3. These 7 principals will help each of us in our daily lives. They are:

  1. Don't leave what you know behind. Vs's 1-2
  2. Always be gracious and faithful. Vs's 3-4
  3. Know where to put your confidence. Vs 5
  4. Willing submit to God's plan for your life. Vs 6
  5. See yourself accurately. Vs's 7-8
  6. Give sacrificially. Vs's9-10
  7. Expect to disciplined and accept it humbly. Vs's 11-12


Maginfying God - Luke 1:39-56

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Pastor Dan looks at Luke 1:39-56 and how Mary magnified God

What to Wear

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Good Morning,

Back in the church building at last! This morning Pastor Dan deviates from our time in Luke to address todays issues from Col. 3:12~17.


Enjoy and may God bless,


Two Big Announcements

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Good Morning!

It is with an excited heart that I tell you that we intend to start services together again next week. Listen to what PD has to say at the and let the church know what your plans/thoughts are.

Today we hear God speak again (through his messengers), first time in 400 years: Do you think we should listen? Do think what He has to say is relevant to our world today? I would imagine and hope that the answer to both of those rhetorical is a resounding YES!


Join us in Luke chapter 1 verses 5 ~ 38.


Peace and joy to all of you!

The Gospel of Certainty

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Luke -- More than just the account of the birth of Christ. Luke uses the terms salvation and saved more than any of the other Gospel account. He was an historian and a theologian who sought to bring the certainty of the accounts of eyewitnesses and other believers to the generations of believers who would follow.

When we consider the other gospel accounts we learn that Matthew portrayed Jesus as the awaited King. Mark portrays him as a servant and John brings him to us as God in the flesh. Luke however, brings him to us as a man: His humanity on display and his deity for all to see...if they were willing.

Enjoy and be blessed...Hope to see you all in the flesh very soon. Or as my mom would have said "See you sooner now!"



Prayerful Praise

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In tough times, look to the Lord in prayer. Habakkuk 3 deals with the tough times and how to respond in them.


Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

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