Pointing Lives to Christ

Over the noise of this world, the Word of God speaks. It brings peace to the soul, calm to the spirit and strength to the weak. Here you can find some direction for today that will impact your forever.

My Redeemer Lives

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Pastor Dan takes us to the book of Job chapter 19:25 as Job proclaims, "I know my redeemer lives!" Resurrection Sunday is the ultimate day for Christians, it is the focal point of our faith. Join us as Pastor moves through this passage, and others, as he unpacks this incredible truth.

He Is Risen...He is Risen Indeed!!



God’s Perfect Solution

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On this Good Friday evening Denny Allen opens God's word in a factual and pointed way to show us how amazing Christ's death truly was. While we may think we understand all there is to it...we are wrong, God's word always has more than we can know.


Heebrews 10 is the reference Denny's jumps off from...join us!




The Four Be’s for 2018

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The start of a new year...What "things" does the new year old? Resoliutions?  No resolutions? Pastor Dan gives an easy guide from 2 Peter 3:14 ~ 18 on things to Be in 2018. 

From the Podcasting ministry of JIBC we want to wish each and every one of you a Blessed and Grace filled 2018. May God find us faithful as we find Him to be even more so!