Pointing Lives to Christ

Over the noise of this world, the Word of God speaks. It brings peace to the soul, calm to the spirit and strength to the weak. Here you can find some direction for today that will impact your forever.

3 Things From the Empty Tomb

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The Empty Tomb from Luke 24:5 is the start of this Ressurection Sunday. The three things we need to reap from this morning:

1.) The empty tomb speaks of the authority of Christ

2.) The empty tomb speaks of the eternality of Christ

3.) The empty tomb speaks to the love of Christ.


Join us on this short early morning message from Brother Paul Grice.


God’s Perfect Solution

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On this Good Friday evening Denny Allen opens God's word in a factual and pointed way to show us how amazing Christ's death truly was. While we may think we understand all there is to it...we are wrong, God's word always has more than we can know.


Heebrews 10 is the reference Denny's jumps off from...join us!




The Willingly Wayward Believer

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Nate Beckman (and his family) server in Thailand as missionaries. From Luke 15 he brings the account of the Willingly Wayward Believer: You will hear his heart and his own testiomony of how he found himself in the Pig Sty without ever being on a pig farm.


“Jesus Annointed at Bethany”

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Larry Ingalls from Cadence Ministry takes us back to one of the most heart wrenching scenes in all of the New Testament. The annointing of Jesus as He prepares to face the cross: The reaction of disciples, the depth of commitment and lesson for all of us. Mark 14:11 ~ 14 has it all.  (Editors Note: By the way, this passage ranks in my top ten of all time favorite -- how about you? Is it one of yours?)

Cadence Ministry is Ministry to the Military. Check them out at Cadence.org.