Pointing Lives to Christ

Over the noise of this world, the Word of God speaks. It brings peace to the soul, calm to the spirit and strength to the weak. Here you can find some direction for today that will impact your forever.

What Are You Saying?

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Denny Allen takes a detailed look at the beginning of the book of Revelation.

Strength for the New Year

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Aaron Jennings speaks to us this morning and puts an emphasis on the change we have through Christ. We were dead, BUT GOD saved us. He also speaks to living a Christ-like, Gospel-reflecting life.

King David’s Special Forces

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Rev. David Kuntz, Army Chaplin, unpacks 2 Sam. 23:8~12 for us on this Veteran's Day Sunday morning. As we take time to salute and honor our veterans Rev. Kuntz brings his experience as Chaplin and Pastor to this passage. 

A truly unique time in God's word this morning: Our hope is that you are challenged and encouraged by his words as he speaks from The Word!


A Reason for Everything

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Brother Aaron explores the book of Romans as he unwraps the truth about why things happen the way they do. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is God's sovereignty.  

This Book

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Brother Mike Kirk opens up the 119 Psalm for us this morning. Join us as we share the exploration and joy of seeing God's Words afresh. This Book will change you as you spend time in it: It is not a question of how much of this book you read, but rather how much of this book have you applied to your heart. 




The Bondservant

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The life of a Bondservant has 3 distinct facets: A Purpose:serve the master. A Pattern: follow the Masters plan. A peace: The peace of God.


Starting in Eph. 2:1, Brother Paul leads us through these 3 short, but life challenging points.

“The Necessary Thing”

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Today's text is Luke 10:38~42 and Brother Denny Allen brings us to the house of Martha and Mary (sisters of Lazarus). A golden opportunity to sit at the feet of the Creator and Sustainer of everything known and even unknow to us. However, Martha chooses to spend her time laboring on the details of the meal and care of her guests: Which is correct? Denny brings us some insights and thoughts on the issue.

3 Things From the Empty Tomb

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The Empty Tomb from Luke 24:5 is the start of this Ressurection Sunday. The three things we need to reap from this morning:

1.) The empty tomb speaks of the authority of Christ

2.) The empty tomb speaks of the eternality of Christ

3.) The empty tomb speaks to the love of Christ.


Join us on this short early morning message from Brother Paul Grice.

God’s Perfect Solution

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On this Good Friday evening Denny Allen opens God's word in a factual and pointed way to show us how amazing Christ's death truly was. While we may think we understand all there is to it...we are wrong, God's word always has more than we can know.


Heebrews 10 is the reference Denny's jumps off from...join us!



The Willingly Wayward Believer

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Nate Beckman (and his family) server in Thailand as missionaries. From Luke 15 he brings the account of the Willingly Wayward Believer: You will hear his heart and his own testiomony of how he found himself in the Pig Sty without ever being on a pig farm.

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